5 Steps to Board Service

Ready to improve your leadership skills, advance your career and expand your professional network? What about making a positive impact on your community? You should consider joining a nonprofit board… but are you ready? Follow these 5 steps to learn about effective board service and to find an organization that aligns with your passions.

1. Understand the roles and responsibilities of board members.
Board members play a big role in supporting and guiding the work of a nonprofit. Do you know the 10 core responsibilities of board members and what the law requires? Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of board members to ensure you’re ready for the commitment.

2. Determine what type of cause you’re passionate about and what you’re willing (and able) to give.
You will be most successful on a board that aligns with your passions. What issue or cause really excites you? What skill sets, time and financial commitments are you willing to give? Answer these questions to help determine potential organizations. 
3. Identify 2-3 organizations with open board positions. 
Search open board positions to find organizations that align with your passion and what you’re willing to give. Additionally, make yourself a desirable candidate by updating your online profiles, like LinkedIn. If you're a Mission Capital members, be sure to update your 501(c)ommunity profiles and participate in community discussions to help signal your expertise to potential boards (log-in required).
4. Do your research and indicate your interest.
Found a match? Before you commit, take time to learn about the organization. Indicate to the leadership, ED or board chair that you’re interested in serving on their board. Remember that they may ask you to volunteer first, serve as a committee member or otherwise test out your commitment. Either way, be sure to ask these 15 questions before joining a board.
5. Once on a board, connect with other board members in the 501(c)ommunity and access a wealth of resources and services from Mission Capital.
If you’re on the board of an organization that is a Mission Capital member, you can request access to join the 501(c)ommunity.  If not, consider becoming an individual member for only $35 per year to connect with other board members, ask questions and share ideas. Not sure if your organization is a member? Check our member directory.


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