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Continuous learning and development is important for all nonprofit professionals. It's often difficult to stay on top of the latest tools, research and resources. Mission Capital will provide cutting-edge content and encourage you to share your ideas as well.

Use this Learning Library when you...

  • need help getting started with an unfamiliar area
  • want to learn about a new topic
  • are looking for professional development resources for yourself or your team!

Mission Capital's Workshops

Mission Capital's workshops and events, attended by more than 2,000 nonprofit professionals each year, are…
  • Developed and led by nonprofit industry experts with practical experience in the field
  • Priced very low (thanks to our donors) to allow nonprofits easy access to best-in-class learning
  • Intentionally interactive and designed to promote individual learning, peer networking and enhanced collaboration
  • Open to the public (Mission Capital members get a discount!)

Community Resources

Educational Videos

The 501(c)ommunity is all about learning from one another and sharing creative ideas. Visit the Video Gallery to find cutting-edge content to develop yourself and your team.  

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