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Our member job board gets more than 15,000 visits per month from people looking for nonprofit jobs in Austin and throughout Central Texas. Posting on our job board is a Mission Capital member benefit.

We want everyone to be respectful of our community, so please review these simple guidelines to follow when posting your job opening. To post an open board position, please visit Mission Capital's OnBoard.

To post a job, you must... 

Be a Mission Capital member

Only Mission Capital organizational members can post jobs on this job board. If you're not sure, check the member directory or contact our Membership Manager, Chelsea Hartness (512) 477-5955 ext. 232. Posting jobs is not an individual member benefit.

Have access to the 501(c)ommunity

All Mission Capital members should have access to the 501(c)ommunity included in their organizational membership.If you do not have 501(c)ommunity log-in information, please email Forgot your password?

Before you post...

Follow these steps

  1. Search current postings to make sure you're not duplicating an existing job listing.
  2. Follow the 501(c)ommunity Guidelines concerning issues you can and cannot post about.
  3. You must post your opening into only ONE category: paid positions in the "Nonprofit Jobs" category and unpaid positions in the "Interships" category. Duplicates will be removed.

    *The 501(c)ommunity is not optimized for Internet Explorer. Posting an open position works best when using Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari web browsers.

Very important!

You may only post a position at your current organization. Abuse of this policy may prevent you from posting jobs in the future. Entries that are incomplete, inappropriate, commercial, or political may not be accepted. Mission Capital reserves the right to edit or remove any submissions.

Please ask before posting

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this job board, contact our Membership Manager, Chelsea Hartness at 512-477-5955 ext. 232.

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You will be re-directed to the homepage to log in first.
If you believe your organization is a current member but are not able to log in, please email

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