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Service Coordinator

Drive a Senior – North Central Austin
Job Description
Job Summary
The Service Coordinator coordinates the activities of clients and volunteers, and assists in achieving goals of the organization.  This position has substantial interaction with clients to assist them to schedule transportation and with volunteers who provide services.  The Service Coordinator reports to the Executive Director.  It is a part-time position.
About Drive a Senior – North Central Austin
Our mission is to provide transportation and related services to keep seniors independent.  Services are provided to anyone 60 or over who lives in our service area and has become a client.  All services are provided free of charge.
Compensation & Work Schedule:  This is an 8-20 hour/ part-time, hourly position with part time benefits.  The work hours are 9 AM to 1 PM Monday through Friday.  Preference is for one person to fill the position for a 20-hour workweek.  Consideration will be given to people wanting to work less hours if the combined hours will cover the schedule.  Pay rate is $12/hour. 
Duties and Responsibilities:

1.  Coordinates client rides
     Responsibilities include:
  • answering clients calls and scheduling rides, 
  • coordinating with drivers including issuing daily ride reports, and other means to help drivers be assigned to pending rides,
  • ensuring rides are assigned or taxis scheduled before 1 PM the day before the ride is scheduled,
  • contacting clients if a ride cannot be assigned and offering options if possible,
  • maintaining the accuracy of client database and reporting issues to E.D.,
  • entering all new client information into the agency’s ride program and coordinating completion of Intake process, and
  • entering new volunteer information into the agency’s ride program. 
2.  Managing operations of the office
     Responsibilities include:
  • answering phone calls (in addition to client calls) and triaging as necessary,
  • reviewing incoming email messages, identifying ones needing Service Coordinator’s response, and responding no later the next business day,
  • checking voice mail messages,
  • completing Voice Mail/Call log daily,
  • coordinating with agency’s Intake Volunteer, providing information required for an intake,
  • ensuring office equipment is in good working condition and coordinates with E.D. on issues,
  • maintaining inventory of all office supplies and reporting to E.D. when supplies are needed,
  • training Volunteer Office Staff and responding to their questions or need for assistance, and
  • coordinating with E.D. to ensure quality performance of all volunteers and reporting to E.D. any issues.
3.  Assisting E.D. with agency administrative activities and activities needed to achieve goals of the organization
Responsibilities include:
  • coordinating with E.D. questions, recommendations for improvement, and questions about priorities, and
  • informing E.D. as soon as possible about activities that exceed the Service Coordinator’s assigned weekly work time.
4.  Other duties as assigned by E.D.
      Responsibilities include:
  • assisting E.D. with newsletter and other promotional materials,
  • conducting annual survey of clients after sampling,
  • assisting with fundraising activities and events, and
  • any other duties as requested by E.D.
Experience Required
  • Ability to work well with a diverse group of individuals, both individually as well as part of a team,
  • Effective communication and presentation skills,
  • Proven ability to effectively manage support services with and for clients and families,
  • Able to respond quickly to communication, and be an effective and calm communicator with clients, staff, volunteers, and community members/partners,
  • Capable of providing leadership to volunteers and possess good team skills,
  • Effective written communication, able to produce reports and evaluation documents,
  • Ability to initiate projects and work without close supervision,
  • Must be capable of providing reasonable and practical solutions to daily challenges and facilitate solutions,
  • Must be well organized, detail oriented and possess good writing skills, and
  • Must submit to and pass a criminal record background test.
Preferred Experience
  • Competent with Microsoft Word, Excel, and database Software Programs.
 Other Requirements
  • May occasionally work after-hours events.
  • Provides support ensuring each volunteer has a productive, safe and meaningful experience.
901 W. Braker Lane
Austin, TX 78758
United States
Start Date
Application Due Date
To Apply
Email a cover letter and resume to: with “Service Coordinator” in the title. The cover letter must specify if you are available every weekday from 9 AM until 1 PM or, if not available the five weekdays, what weekdays you are available. Call 512-302-5980 with questions.

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Pam Robers
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