About Mission Capital

Mission Capital is a 501(c)(3) based in Austin, TX that strengthens nonprofits for extraordinary performance and impact, and provides the tools and guidance needed to tackle complex issues and create lasting social change.

Mission Capital is...
  • An affordable, high-value provider of nonprofit strengthening and support services
  • An independent, objective 501(c)(3) that understands the unique challenges nonprofits face
  • An innovative, cutting-edge source for nonprofit research, best practices, and ideas
  • A voice for and convener of the broad nonprofit community
Mission Capital provides...
  • Catalytic and transformational advisory, consulting, and facilitation services
  • Cutting-edge professional development and customized training offerings
  • A benefits-rich membership program that is the way to connect to the Central Texas nonprofit community
  • A wealth of free information, research, and resources for nonprofits

How you can help...

For more information on Mission Capital's services, trainings, events, membership, resources, and more, visit our website at missioncapital.org or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.


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